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unc shooting news at UNC-Chapel Hill

unc shooting news at UNC-Chapel Hill

According to School
a faculty member at the University of North Carolina was killed in a campus shooting and the suspect remains in custody. CNN

reported that he was killed, forcing students and others to hide at the scene for hours while police searched for the killer. As of 1:02 p.m. ET,
gunshots had been reported in the school’s Caudill labs and the suspect was arrested shortly after 2:30 p.m.Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz spoke about this at a press conference on Monday evening.

The names of the spokesman and the suspect were not immediately released. It is too early to determine the cause of the shooting, UNC Police Chief Brian James said.
“We really want to know why in this case and what led to it,” said James.

The gun that fired the shot was not found – added the commander.

James said it was unclear whether the victim and perpetrator knew each other.

“We hope that questioning the suspect and any witnesses will shed some light on this matter,” said James.

Murder is “destructive, and shootings destroy the trust and safety that we so often take for granted in our college community. We will work to restore trust and safety to our community. ‘” Guskiewicz said.

The school alerted the students and ordered them to take refuge in the facility around 1pm. It was later added that the suspect fled. Then just before 4:15 p.mThe university issued a statement saying everything was clear. Officials said Monday and Tuesday that

at UNC-Chapel Hill
at UNC-Chapel Hill

classes and activities on campus had been canceled. According to the email, university police advised students during the emergency period to go home immediately, close windows and doors, and wait until further notice. A witness on campus told CNN they were locked in their building and saw armed officers searching the campus.

Video taken by WRAL’s CNN Chapel Hill affiliate showed a large number of police vehicles on campus with emergency lights flashing.Sometimes people from nearby buildings lined up with their hands up.

A WRAL reporter also captured video of campus police surrounding a handcuffed individual who appeared to be wearing a dark shirt, jeans and glasses during the school closure.

The university educates around 32,000 students, more than 4,000 professors and 9,000 employees.

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