You are currently viewing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees an opportunity for Trey Lance to grow under Dak Prescott

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees an opportunity for Trey Lance to grow under Dak Prescott

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees an opportunity for Trey Lance to grow under Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys made an unexpected move by recruiting quarterback Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers on the eve of the club’s 2023 preseason finale.

Jerry Jones said Saturday after the deal was announced that he saw it as a great opportunity for Dak Prescott to help develop the former No. 3 overall.

“Well, it gives us an opportunity—at a level we’ve probably never had in a draft—to work on and develop a young quarterback”; the Cowboys’ owner said on the team’s official website. “And you have to.

Jones added that while the team acted quickly to bring Lance to Dallas, the decision didn’t impact the team’s reliance on Prescott as QB1.

“We dialed this number and figuratively couldn’t even get them to hang up because we wanted them to bring the number here,” he said. arrived in Daki. We Dallas Cowboys just have to evolve as much as we can to ensure the quarterbacks have a future. The Cowboys lost a fourth-round pick to Lance, who was drafted by the 49ers with the #1 pick in the draft.Third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft after trading multiple first-round picks to North Dakota State Product Promotion. Lance’s time in San Francisco had been frustrating to say the least. The 23-year-old was handed the starting spot for the 2022 season but a broken ankle in week two quickly ended his long-awaited season. managed to get Lance in the rearview mirror. The team that named Sam Darnold as Purdy’s successor for 2023 has done nothing but hasten what appears to be an imminent departure.


49ers players and coaches had nothing but good things to say about Lance after his departure, and Jones has faith in the young QB.

His athletic ability and the strength of his arms,” Jones said. “Honestly, we knew he didn’t play a lot of football compared to, say, what Dak did in college. But he’s very athletic and I think he can really do both, run and throw and be dangerous.

Spear is $6.$25 million is fully guaranteed for the next two seasons, with the Cowboys still having an option for a fifth year if needed. If the young QB needs a fresh start for Lance,

In any case, Jones believes Lance will be successful with his excellent QB in Dallas.

“[Prescott] is easy when it comes to quarterbacks, the number 1 is someone the team follows”; said Jones. “It’s the best song I’ve ever seen or heard.Just being a part of this company will be a huge asset for [Lance].

“We let him contact our trainers. We finally have a quarterback room with the best leader I’ve ever seen: Dak Prescott,