Top 5 Best Room Heaters In India 2020 Reviews

Winter is almost the favorite season for most people. However, it sometimes causes difficulties between people in certain areas. These areas are mainly places where the temperature drops suddenly, so people do not have to worry about the chills but should consider survival. These are common in North India and Delhi.

In these places, the temperature drops to a compassionate level. Sometimes it is below 10 degrees Celsius. During that time, people thought of the idea of a room heater. So science and technology have jointly invented some cool god-like devices for those who need them. For the North Indians, a room heater is such a device.

We all know the room heater’s main functions, but there are more functions to add before buying.

Things to consider before buying the best room heater in India


Higher wattage means more power consumption. To find your energy requirements, multiply the area of ​​the room by 10. The required number is the energy required by the heater to heat the room at the optimal rate. Therefore, to avoid stupid electricity bills, do this calculation before buying a heater.

Heat settings

Different heating settings allow you to change the temperature as needed. Also, look for other features, like humidification, that can help keep you cool regardless of the weather.

Heating capacity

One of the primary factors worthy of attention. This is because it tells you a measure of the amount of heat generated at the same time. This is also related to power because of the unique heater’s power, the better the heating capacity.

energy efficiency

The law of energy is universal. However, there are still some factors that cannot be ignored. Although portable heaters do not follow the best energy standards, make sure the heater you choose contains some essential criteria. This not only allows you to contribute to a clean environment, but it also saves you some electricity bills.

Safety features

Just as grounding is necessary for any power generation system, electrical equipment’s safety function is equally important. Therefore, you need to check whether the equipment you need is equipped. If the heater is not monitored correctly, it may be a fire caused by overheating. Some sensors can work automatically.

Noise level

Unwanted sounds are called noise. Unwanted things are always annoying. Therefore, the same is true. During the operation of electrical equipment, especially when there are fans, noise is often generated. Make sure the noise range of the heater is within the acceptable range.


We only know about the room heater, but many people do not see the room heater. There are three types of space heaters.

Convection heater or fan heater

These are fan heaters. The fan circulates hot air to heat the room immediately. It takes up less space and is ideal for children. The conversion of electrical energy converts hot air into heat. The noise level and high power consumption are its only disadvantages.

An infrared heater or radiant heater

This type of heater uses infrared technology to convert electrical energy into heat and circulate it between people. As soon as the heater is turned off, the heat will dissipate, quickly regaining health. They are only suitable for small, warm spaces. However, high energy efficiency and low noise levels make up for this deficiency.

Oil heater

This type of heater uses oil from the heater body and acts as a heat accumulator to circulate heat. They can effectively heat large spaces with low noise levels. In this case, the heating time and the higher cost are disadvantageous.

Tips for using room heaters safely

It is always recommended to read the complete manual for the item before use. The same goes for room heaters. If you don’t have proper care, sometimes they may catch fire. Therefore, here are some instructions for the safe use of room heaters:

Always place the heater on a flat surface.
Always use a well-shielded extension cord that can withstand the required voltage.
Before using the indoor heater, be sure to close the doors and windows, because any flammable moisture may cause damage.
Keep the heater out of reach of children and pets.
Keep the heater away from curtains or any cloth, as they may catch fire if the heater fan draws fabric into the heater.
Do not leave the room heater unattended for too long, because any tipping situation may cause a fire.

Best Room Heaters to Buy in India 2020

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heatere


Orpat 1220 is the best room heater in India in 2000. There is a reason for us to talk about them.

This OEH fan heater is ready to heat your small and medium space to 250 square feet. The heater adopts a stylish and portable design with all safety functions. This is a heating element that is entirely safe for the family.

This excellent heater has two temperature settings: 1000 watts and 2000 watts, which can be adjusted by simply turning the knob on the heater’s top.

The heater has a thermal stop function. When the heater reaches a specific temperature, the function will turn off the power to avoid overheating. This function provides a positive safety signal.



2. Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater


Solimo is an Amazon brand. When any product has an Amazon name, it will automatically increase the product’s trust among customers.

The solimo indoor heater is made of flame-retardant plastic and has a metal grille, which can firmly lock the copper element. It is a safe choice for homes and families.

I like a cool feature of this room heater, which is not available in many of India’s best room heaters under 2000. It is designed so that if the temperature reaches 130°C, it will automatically Turn off the motor. Safe to use.

The Solimo indoor heater uses a copper-wound motor running at 2400 rpm and 2,000 watts of power to ensure efficient heating. The heat generated in this way is enough to keep small and medium-sized rooms warm.

There are buttons for temperature control and thermostat settings. The temperature can be adjusted to hot, warm, and cold according to the weather. The fan distributes warm air in the room. In warm seasons, you can also use it as a regular fan with cool air.

Amazon solimo 2000 watt room heater is one of the best indoor heaters under 2000 in India.



 3. Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Room Heater


If you are looking for a compact heater that can provide excellent heating in winter, the Bajaj bathroom heater is your ideal choice. The heater comes ISI certified, so you don’t have to worry about safety measures. Bajaj is a well-known brand with a wide portfolio of home appliances.

The nickel-plated mesh grill makes it resistant to corrosion, and the stainless steel reflector ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. There is no fan inside the heater, but rather a heating rod that heats up when you turn it on.

When you turn it on, it will not heat up immediately. It will take a while for the rod to generate a lot of heat. You must turn it off and cool it down before moving it to another location to avoid casualties.

The heater has a 2-year warranty and an ISI rating. This is a very safe heater, possibly one of India’s best heaters in this price range.



4. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater


Bajaj is one of the leading brands in the field of indoor heater manufacturing in India. Bajaj has service centers all over the country, which means if you have a problem with your room heater, you need to go to the nearest service center to get it fixed.

The Bajaj Rx11 2000 watt room heater ensures that you are comfortable in the cold winter. It can heat up to 200 square feet of space. This room heater was one of the most beautiful room heaters in India in 2000. It is designed to work as a heater in winter and as a personal fan in summer.

Bajaj always respects the safety of its appliances. With the cool case and built-in handle, you can quickly move or touch this Bajaj 2000 watt convector without burning your skin. With the help of thermostats, automatic thermal shutdown, and a thermal fuse to prevent overheating, you’ll also get three times the safety guarantee.

Its unique design is based on the international style and looks attractive. With this versatile convection heater for Bajaj RX 11, you can warm your loved ones in cool winter and summer.

There are only a few room heaters with a warranty of more than 1 year, and the Bajaj Majesty RX11 room heater is one of them, which is guaranteed for 2 years.

If you are looking for the best indoor heaters from India with the best quality, performance, and reliability under 2000, this is your choice.



5. Havells OFR – 11Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater


This oil-filled heater from the Havells brand is an 11-fin automatic rotary room heater that can evenly heat the room without consuming a lot of electricity.

With functions such as constant temperature thermal control and 3 power settings, the oil heater can quickly start heating the room. For safety, a tilt switch is also provided, which means that it will immediately turn off once you tilt the room heater. Its stylish design makes it an essential space heater.



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